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The Buchinger Wilhelmi feeling for at home: In our Online Shop you will find all products about fasting and a healthy lifestyle at home. In addition to the high-quality Buchinger Wilhelmi products such as shampoo and shower gel, body lotion, sunscreen, cookbooks and food, you will also find an extensive selection of brands and products that we have carefully selected for you. Enjoy browsing!


Buchinger Wilhelmi’s fasting program is based on over 100 years of experience. Here you can find everything that you need for the perfect fasting experience. 


What our customers say

I would definitely purchase the Fastingbox again. I thought it was perfect that everything was prepared, explained well, and guided. Even the break after the meal and the general structure during the day did me well. I also performed low-intensity training on the bicycle everyday and performed surprisingly well. I would take the Fastingbox again in the same way. I thought it was awesome.


Senior HR Business Partner

For the first time in my life, I have fasted together with Buchinger Wilhelmi and hence had a great experience. I had clear structures, a wonderful program that guided me along the daily routine, and high-quality products. My goal was to give more importance to food and nutrition again and to feed myself more consciously. After three weeks, I am still pursuing these aims, so the program was a wonderful success and I would do it again.


Senior P&C Manager 

I always felt that I had excellent guidance during the fasting program with the Buchinger Wilhelmi Fastingbox. The program was easy to follow with the help of the user guide. I felt very well both during the program and afterwards.



It was a very positive experience. I already felt the very positive results 2 to 3 days after the start of the program. I felt lighter and more alert. Best of all, I can still feel the results very strongly weeks after the end of the program. For me, it was a proper reset and a true booster for all the good resolutions that we all have.




Simply take home that new feeling of ease and health after a fasting stay at our place! We will assist you in the process. 


Concentrated knowledge for a healthy life: You can find books, cookbooks, and guidebooks related to fasting and healthy nutrition here.

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Personal Care

Spoil yourself with our exclusive care products for your hair and skin from the best organic ingredients. 

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Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinics are the world’s leading clinics for therapeutic fasting, integrative medicine and inspiration! Our Buchinger Wilhelmi AMPLIUS program is based on over 100 years of experience and is continuously developed in partnership with university research centres. Therapeutic fasting constitutes the central therapeutic component of our holistic concept – for your health