Buchinger Wilhelmi -
Pioneers of Fasting.
Portrait of a family.

For the first time, an authorized chronicle of the Buchinger Wilhelmi family is available to the public. In unprecedented detail and openness, both the family history and specifics regarding the emergence of modern therapeutic fasting are discussed in an informative and entertaining way.
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At the beginning of its implementation by Dr. Otto Buchinger, modern therapeutic fasting was still widely unknown. Particularly as a result of the Buchinger Wilhelmi Family's years of scientific research, fasting has become an indispensable part of modern lifestyles, which finds its origins in all religions. It was unforeseeable that two of the most internationally most recognized destinations for holistic fasting therapies would emerge simply from an idea and perseverance in Überlingen and Marbella.

The upcoming coffee table book illustrates how this came to be in an entertainingly informative way., featuring impressive photographs (by Olaf Heine, among others): from Dr. Otto Buchinger's formative life experiences to a friendship with the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, which reach into the present. Today, the company is run by the fourth generation.

"Our Coffee Table Book is a tribute to our family, our values and our mission to enable people to lead healthy and fulfilling lives," says Raimund Wilhelmi, president of Buchinger Wilhelmi Holding.