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Buchinger Wilhelmi 

for your home


5-day fasting program

Developed by the fasting experts at Buchinger Wilhelmi – based on over 100 years of fasting experience 

All products and ingredients are carefully selected, regional, certified organic and manufactured sustainably for you 

Can improve your physical and mental well-being


24-piece set for your home

The basis: Soups for each day, apple puree and cashew nuts for breaking the fast, teas incl. a glass tea strainer, fasting minerals, hummus and linseed oil for enrichment

As an energy boost: soup essence, honey, herbal essence

To detect changes: Ketone test strips and measuring tape

For daily support: Comprehensive User Guide, online community as well as e-mails and videos with our fasting experts

Gluten-free & suitable for vegetarians

€ 199

incl. VAT
plus shipping

Available within the EU in 3-7 days


What can I expect during the 5 days? 


Transition day is an alleviation day. It serves to prepare the body for the reduced food intake and starts the adjustment in the metabolism. Our user guide with fasting instructions, daily video messages, and our online community make it easy for you to enter the following 5-day fasting week. Get some natural yogurt for your breakfast and enrich it with oil and cashew kernels from the FASTING BOX, and there is soup for the mid-day and evening meal.


As of the 2nd day, the metabolism of fasting patients adjusts itself: Instead of glucose, only fat is metabolized, and ketone bodies are produced. Your organism adjusts itself to the new situation. Autophagy and Apoptosis – the most important cell cleansing mechanisms – begin to occur. During the fasting days, you can freely choose one of the fasting soups mid-day and in the evening.


The restart day at the end of the program enables a smooth return to day-to-day life. The restart soup is a tasty and somewhat wholesome soup made of organic vegetables to celebrate the conclusion of your 5-day program. In our guide, you will find instructions with a meal plan, recipes, and a shopping list for the meals of the following days. This ensures a smooth transition to a sustainable, healthy life. 


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Get your time-out at home.


Our experience for your health. 

We have been researching fasting and its effects for over 100 years: Our FASTING BOX is based on the fasting program from our clinics and is specially tailored for use at your home. 

The foods in our FASTING BOX are very low incalories and carbohydrates but high in fats, with some proteins, your body will still enter ketosis – one of the desired effects of »fasting metabolism«. Ketosis is a metabolic state that can encourage the regeneration of the body‘s cells.

More than 100 years of experience

World leader in therapeutic fasting

Developed by our fasting experts

Development through research

Over 250,000 successful clinical fasting cures


How to get your FASTING BOX

Order the FASTING BOX 

Be among the first and get our FASTING BOX! 

Easily have it delivered to your home 

The box will be delivered directly to your home. 
The products do not need refrigeration, and the box contains everything you need. All you need to add is some fresh, natural yogurt. 

Start the FASTING BOX at any time 

Plan the start of your fasting days personally according to your needs. Our instructions, daily video messages, and our online community will assist you on this journey with all the fasting information from our experts. 

Sustainably healthier through fasting

Start a healthier and fulfilling life and maintain positive effects for body and mind for a long time.

Available within the EU in 3-7 days


Your reset program for your home!

Give your body some time off with the Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX.

Based on over 100 years of clinical fasting experience and numerous scientific studies, we have created this fasting program for you, which you can very easily integrate into your day-to-day life at home with minimal effort.

Developed by our fasting professionals, our FASTING BOX contains everything you need for 5 days of fasting at home. 

€ 199

incl. VAT
plus shipping

Available within the EU in 3-7 days


All questions related to FASTING BOX for your home 

During fasting, the metabolism switches to so-called ketosis – and meatbolises fat instead of glucose and produces ketones, with numerous positive effects: The autophagy process is activated, resulting in a deep cleansing of the cells and tissue. It can also help to reduce pain and mobility restrictions.

The Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX is a hypocaloric, ketogenic program with interval fasting that has positive effects similar to brief fasting, and as such, it is not a diet. It focuses on sustainably restarting the body and mind. 

What is known as the switchback phase lasts around 4 days and serves as a gentle return to eating mixed-food meals. We recommend choosing foods that are regional, organic and, if possible, fresh (e.g. from the weekly market). In the user guide, you can find all the recipes as well as a shopping list for your meals. 

The box contains all the products that you need. For the restart day at the end of the 5-day program, you will find a glass of applesauce in the FASTING BOX, which will be your first solid food together with the cashew kernels. 

We deliberately exclude fruit and fruit juices from our FASTING BOX since they contain many carbohydrates. Instead, soups made of organic vegetables make up the main part of our FASTING BOX. By doing so, your body undergoes a healthy metabolic change more quickly. Autophagy and Apoptosis – the most important cell cleansing mechanisms – begin to occur. 

We have made it as easy as possible to get started with our 5-day program: With the box, you will receive fasting instructions (our user guide) and access to our online community. Furthermore, we will support you every day with inspiring video messages by e-mail. Besides a natural yogurt for transition day (day 1), you do not need any additional products. 

To allow for shipping, and to ensure you prepare yourself for your reset in the best way possible, ensure there are at least 7 working days between you ordering your FASTING BOX and starting the first day of your fast.

Do you have any further questions about the Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX? We will be happy to answer your questions.

certified organic products of regional origin. 
100 years of
fasting experience

Buchinger Wilhelmi

Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinics are the world’s leading clinics for therapeutic fasting, integrative medicine and inspiration! Our Buchinger Wilhelmi AMPLIUS program is based on over 100 years of experience and is continuously developed in partnership with university research centres. Therapeutic fasting constitutes the central therapeutic component of our holistic concept – for your health.