BLACKROLL® Standard foam roller

Release tension and tight muscles with the well-known BLACKROLL® foam roller.
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Article number: u-sp-5006-99

The BLACKROLL® Standard foam roller is just what you need if you want to improve your mobility and treat painful tense muscles! This massage roller is a classic product that is not only suitable for self-massage and regeneration of the back and neck, but also as a functional training device to strengthen deeper-lying muscles. Thanks to its compact size and ease of use, BLACKROLL® is the perfect companion, whether at home, in the gymn or on the road.
• The mother of all BLACKROLL® foam rollers
• Proven for muscular problems and tension
• For self-massage of the back and neck
• Ideal for beginners
• BLACKROLL® product made in Germany
The BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roller is the ideal training and exercise device for health-conscious people who want to improve their everyday mobility. It is not only designed to build up muscle; it also helps to regenerate strained muscles. All 30-centimetre fascia rollers from BLACKROLL® can be combined wiith the BLACKROLL® Booster vibration core for an even more effective massage.