BLACKROLL® Loop Band Set

Ideal for training smaller muscle chains, to warm up and promote your general fitness" - the BLACKROLL® Loop Band Set
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Article number: u-sp-5002-99

BLACKROLL® Loop Bands are an innovation in the fitness band market and have been developed especially for training smaller muscle chains. Training these muscles helps to reduce the risk of inury and improves body stability. At the same time, the fitness bands can be used to build up muscles that are otherwise not or rarely exerted.

• Available in six different resistance levels: extra light (yellow), light (orange), gentle (red), medium (green), strong (blue) and extra strong (black)
• Flexible training without unpleasant pulling on the skin, thanks to skin-friendly textiles.
• Unique textile material for greater training comfort.
• BLACKROLL® product made in Germany

As a flexible, compact training device, BLACKROLL® Loop Bands can be used whenever you have the time to do sport, whether at home, in your lunch break at work, or after work in the park!