BLACKROLL® Fascia Ball 12 cm

Along with foam rollers, fascia balls are part of the standard equipment for fascia training!
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Article number: u-sp-5001-99

The BLACKROLL® fascia ball is the perfect training device for point-by-point self-massage and treating muscle tension. Compared to the BLACKROLL® 8 cm fascia ball, the BLACKROLL® fascia ball 12 cm has a larger surface area, making the massage less intensive. You can easily regulate the pressure using your body weight to reach superficial or deeper-lying muscles.

• Best-selling BLACKROLL® product
• Less intensive than the 8 cm ball due to its larger support area
• Ideal for treating trigger points
• Can be used on the table, on the floor, or against the wall
• BLACKROLL® product made in Germany

The BLACKROLL® fascia ball 12 cm is an indispensible training deivice to treat tense muscles and adhesions by yourself.