The BLACKROLL® Booster massages, releases tension, and alleviates pain.
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Article number: u-sp-5007-99

The BLACKROLL® Booster can be combined with any BLACKROLL® (30 cm) or the Booster Head for a wide range of applications. Take massage and vibration to a new level! It promotes recovery after doing sport, warms specific muscles and treats painful spots. The infinitely variable vibrations of the booster with 12-56 Hz amplify the effect of the massage, release tension and can alleviate pain. • Unique vibrations are more efficient than vibration rollers
• Functional vibration training
• Strengthening deep muscles
• Ideal for beginners
The Booster can also be used for vibration training. Combined with the new BLACKROLL® Slim, it can be used anywhere, is compact and has an even more intensive effect thanks to the smaller surface area of the roller.