BLACKROLL® Booster Head

The BLACKROLL® Booster Head is highly versatile and guarantees an effective massage of the fascia through pressure and vibration.
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Article number: u-sp-5008-99

The BLACKROLL® Booster Head set contains various attachments that are ideal for vibration massage of wider areas and specific points. The Booster Head can be used to release painful tight muscles and stimulate the circulation of the fascia and muscular tissue.

• Effective fascia massage through pressure and vibration
• Wide range of uses with various attachments and degrees of hardness.
• Ideal for massaging wider areas and specific points
The BLACKROLL® BOOSTER HEAD set is an effective addition to the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER. Various attachments enable an intensive massage, either of a wider area or of specific points. If you do not have a Booster yet, you should choose the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER HEAD BOX that contains a BOOSTER, various attachments and a foam roller.Q41